technology that has been in use for various mapping applications and been existing for almost ten years now is being given the spotlight in the payroll software industry. It basically answers the grueling need of employers to effortlessly monitor the attendance of their employees and to assign project locations with confidence that employees will be at the location on time and will complete the expected length of work hours.


Before going into further details, let us first take a look at the definition of geo-fencing.

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing technology is used to set virtual boundaries or barrier. It is widely known as an application for child location services, anti-carnapping devices, and push notification features.

How does it work in monitoring employee attendance?

Salarium, a payroll solution software company, addresses the need of employers or business owners on how they can monitor the activities of their employees, without violating their privacy as individuals. It is for mere attendance monitoring and correct calculation of work hours and salary.

With Salarium, the employer will have to set a pre-defined location or IP Address where his/her employees will only be allowed to clock in and clock out. Logging in and out beyond the arranged geographic perimeter will refuse or ban the attempt.

Because Salarium is intuitive and accurate, it manages to integrate the geo-fencing technology with its payroll system to work as a means to save labor costs, avert discrepancies in employee time records, and prevent employers from any legal liabilities that could happen if they fail to properly compensate their employees brought about by erroneous calculations of salaries.

Geo-fencing is flexible, which makes Salarium all the same. It gives its users the best of both worlds in the sense that it allows employers to reduce overtime costs and saves employees more time to do their jobs than spend extra minutes to manually log their ingress to and egress from work.

Here are other possible uses of geo-fencing:

Advertisements – restaurants, retail stores, or even cinemas can send notifications to passersby about their latest promos, like what’s Today’s Special on the menu, what’s On Sale for the day, or what’s the schedule of movies in theaters.

Food delivery – customer gets notified when the delivery person is near the area.

With Salarium’s geo-fencing feature, your business operations can go places while minimizing costs and keeping trustworthy employees.


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