“There has been a lot of good coverage of Apple’s new iBeacon software and its privacy implications,” Ben Isaacson writes for Privacology. “The gist of it is that your new iOS7 iPhone* will automatically broadcast your phone’s presence and proximity to iBeacon transmitters through Bluetooth (Low Energy/4.0), which could include other phones or tablets in addition to small objects placed in physical locations such as retail stores.”

“I have no doubt there will be some amazing retail and location-based experiences that will shine through iBeacon, such as the MLB’s proposed use of it to guide stadium visits,” Isaacson writes. “In a subsequent post, I’ll get into the massive privacy issues of micro-location tracking and integration with other online/offline data. For now, a good first step is to clarify how privacy is built into the software, and what some of the choice issues that users and app providers should be considering.”