Samsung announces iBeacon like feature called Proximity

Cesar Ian S. Fuentes – Fourth Estate Cooperative Tech Contributor

Seoul, South Korea (4E) – Apple has introduced iBeacon since the inception of iOS 7 last year. The service is very promising in terms of mobile marketing and indoor mapping solutions. Today, after one year of staring at Apple’s service in the spotlight, Samsung announced “Proximity” as answer to the Cupertino giant’s service.

For the uninitiated, location-based mobile marketing simply enables communication between your smart devices to any other places that have broadcast devices. The latter simply detects mobile devices and pushes information like promos and marketing campaigns in your smartphones. In simple terms, the generic technology is just the plain Beacon systems.

However, the system will not be limited to just the plain mobile advertising. Its functions extend to dynamic information sharing in line with location context, large scale project management, indoor mapping services (floor plans and building layouts) and more. With Proximity, Samsung features a Web Console for administrators. Proximity functions as a system-wide push-notification service which do away with the compulsory installation of retailer’s app in your phones unlike iBeacon which only works through the App Store software in iOS .

Speaking of technology, Proximity will also be using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) just like Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Nearby. The Korean outfit is all set and ready to roll out Proximity in key markets around the world.